• Meet The Thesings

My love for videography started when I was eight years old. My dad was a little league football coach and I taped his games. My videos evolved as we played baseball in the backyard. Ever since I was old enough for my parents to trust me with a video camera I have loved using them.

I started Thesing Family Films when I made a “Year in Review” video for our family. At first, the “Thesing Family Films Presents” at the beginning of the film was just something funny I did to make it look professional. As time went on, I cultivated a voracious love of wedding videography and good storytelling. I started using my iPhone at weddings to capture footage to make highlight videos. Then my wife and I decided to get a new DSLR camera for shooting professional-quality video.

I began filming weddings in 2015 and have developed my skills over the years. I spend nights watching YouTube videos on how to improve my technique, figure out what piece of equipment I will be purchasing next (don’t tell my wife!), and make the overall experience better for our couples.

By day I am a Math Teacher at Olentangy High School where I teach Algebra and AP Calculus.

My wife and I got married in 2010 and we have two beautiful daughters who are eight and nine years old. Since I teach during the school year, I limit myself to filming ten wedding videos per year. I do this to make sure I am able to deliver the absolute best quality video to my couples.